In March of 2018, the creators of the Ferrum Network unveiled, to much acclaim, an extensive demo of the Ferrum protocol. The Ferrum team demonstrated the ability of this decentralized platform to represent tokens and coins in other networks. This means that for the first time, coins from almost any blockchain can be transacted on the same decentralized network. According to Naiem Yeganeh, co-founder and CEO of Ferrum Network, “this groundbreaking innovation allows for very interesting decentralized and interoperable applications, such as the Ferrum Decentralized Exchange, and the Ferrum Wallet.”

Photo of co-founder Naiem Yeganeh presenting Ferrum Network at Consensus


The Ferrum team received extremely positive feedback at Consensus. This spurred on the development of the prototypes for the Ferrum Decentralized Exchange, and the Ferrum Wallet, both of which are now complete. Presently, the Ferrum team is laying the ground work for the token generation event (TGE) possibly at the end of Q4 2018 or Q1 2019. A cadre of esteemed advisors have joined the Ferrum team, and the team leaders continue to engage several VC firms who have taken a keen interest in this project.

At the upcoming Malta Blockchain Summit on the 1st and 2nd of November 2018, co-founders Naiem Yeganeh and Ian Friend will be showcasing the Ferrum Network and Ferrum wallet prototypes. Team members will be available at the Ferrum Network booth to answer any and all questions regarding the protocol, the roadmap, and possible future applications.

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