13 November 2019. According to recent news, the global capital market has entered into a new era where blockchain dominates the future in multiple fields, and venture capital financing models have the most innovations. INCUBATANK is composed of two words: INCUBATOR and TANK. It expresses the meaning of creating a full range of incubators and on its logo, a paper airplane is depicted. Paper airplanes are portrayed to be a companion for many since adolescence. They represent the most direct and purest of childhood dreams. Taking reference from the representation of paper airplanes, the world’s leading token investment platform aims to provide business opportunities for all entrepreneurs with dreams and innovations, in order to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams.

Launched on 6 November 2019, INCUBATANK is an incubator model which utilizes blockchain technology with IEO models as the primary core of the platform, providing start-up companies with token financing services. INCUBATANK is endorsed by the well-known Australian digital currency exchange, Barters Trade Exchange, thus adopting mature regulatory mechanisms and it also possesses a professional audit team.

The emergence of INCUBATANK is to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to expand their business models via blockchain. INCUBATANK employs professional teams in various fields to screen, evaluate and discuss all incubator projects. All fundraising projects undergo rigorous review and every project must meet our stringent requirements. INCUBATANK also cooperates closely with each project in question to initiate project fundraising. Granted that all requirements are met, INCUBATANK shall provide comprehensive fundraising methods. Funds raised from the project side of incubation are promptly funded through the fundraising process. After fundraising, INCUBATANK will then aim to complete the project. In addition to the various aspects of strategic work and the supervision of its currency management, INCUBATANK employs the use of mature technologies and high security settings for projects to issue tokens.

INCUBATANK primarily provides project incubation services and is constantly looking for innovative projects from around the world such as outstanding business models, thus offering a comprehensive list of services such as project incubation services, legal advice, financial planning, collaboration initiatives, etc.

INCUBATANK also provides high-quality project investments for global investors, enabling everyone to become angel investors.

Now, the INCUBATANK official website has launched its first IEO project, “YOUBO”. “YOUBO” is a creative media App which allows eager community members to learn or develop from it. Its main purpose is to connect all people to communicate, trade, and directly provide accurate first-hand information to its community via its App. This enables community members of different nationalities to simultaneously listen in and receive news that are dynamic to the relevant communities.

The “YOUBO App” provides a “personalized communication function” for the entire community. In addition to being able to focus on reading and watching the latest community messages, community members may also set-up targeted messages through the “personalized communication function” in order to discuss and abundantly improve the acceptance and understanding of such messages.

One of the highlights of the “YOUBO App” 《Pioneer Zone》

“YOUBO’s”《Pioneer Zone》is a function and platform that facilitates the creation of unique ideas for blockchain and modern technologies. The idea of creativity is that continuous exploration, research, communication and analyses are required to achieve a perfect finished product. So long as the creative individual publishes thoughts and ideas within the《Pioneer Zone》through the “YOUBO App”, it may then attract other creative individuals with common ideas to participate in the innovation of ideas through organized discussions, studies, development as well as implementation of such applications.

《YOUBO App’s Pioneer Zone》a definitive function for creative individuals whom are eager to achieve.

It is reported that at 11 am on 11 November 2019, “YOUBO” was officially launched on INCUBANTANK’s official website. The first round of sales had achieved a considerable purchase volume and according to the system’s data, traffic flowed in the millions into INCUBATANK, all at the same time. Purchasers bought into “YOUBO” and INCUBATANK’s first project was sold out in a bat of an eye. With the successful funding of its first project, one can expect more forthcoming quality projects to be launched.

For more information, visit us on INCUBATANK’s official website.


Website: Incubatank.com
Email: info@Incubatank.com