26th Feb 2020, Curacao. The online gambling space has had its fair share of improvements over the years, and that has made it become a lucrative venture for interested people. By default, many of the online gambling platforms are designed to ensure that users are able to earn money, tokens, or rewards whenever they play or win. Interestingly, even though the industry has experienced different improvements, we cannot overlook the fact that transparency is one thing that has been missing in traditional online gambling, and we can attribute that to the fact that the system is designed to profit the company and financial institutions. Over time, gamblers have had issues with receiving their winnings, some experiencing delays, and some not getting their complete winnings. Furthermore, the absence of trust between the player and casino manager has the ability to cause friction, and thus increase the risks associated with gambling.

In view of the aforementioned problems present in the traditional online gambling industry, it was discovered that the integration of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency could be an effective and efficient solution to a lot of the problems plaguing the industry.

Since the discovery that cryptocurrency could be integrated into online casinos, several cryptocurrency based online casinos have emerged. However, some of them may not be able to deliver as is expected. Based on some of the flaws exhibited by some of these platforms, a new and better bitcoin casino has been created to alleviate the flaws plaguing existing online casino platforms.

After paying attention to the happenings within the online casino industry, KawBet was created to bring the much needed change to the industry, and thus make it more lucrative than before. The platform comes with different amazing features that make it a very good platform to perform casino activities without fear or fail.

It may interest you to know that the KawBet platform is built on the amazing blockchain technology, and that invariably means that the platform is decentralized, and comes with other benefits of the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology including:

The processes on the platform can be viewed by everyone on the blockchain network.

Data that gets on the blockchain network cannot be altered by anyone, which is a good way to ensure that transactions are transparent, and thus build trust between the player and the casino manager.

Traditional online casino platforms are centralized, and that gives the casinos more power over the activities of the players. It also leaves room for errors, as well as makes it possible to manipulate and alter data.

Fast Transactions
Another interesting reason why KawBet’s integration of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a welcome development, is the fact that transactions are much faster than the traditional system, and players would not have to wait for days to get their winnings.

Improved Security
The use of cryptocurrency is a clear indicator that the platform is cryptographic in nature, and thus makes it impossible for hackers to gain access to players’ private data.

One reason why so many people have misgivings about the traditional online casino platforms, is due the fact that anonymity is a luxury, and not every online casino player wants to have their real identities out there, for matters of security. By integrating bitcoin into the KawBet system, players can enjoy playing, while still remaining anonymous.

KawBet is a licensed casino and sports betting company that provides an awesome platform to facilitate effective and efficient betting services with the aid of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We cannot overemphasize how amazing the platform is for everyone that is interested in online casinos and sports betting. Here are some highlights of using kawBet:

It is blockchain-based, and that invariably means that the aforementioned features of the blockchain technology are also available with the KawBet platform.

Lightning fast withdrawals and deposits can be carried out effectively, efficiently, securely, and anonymously.

It has its token called MBT which would be used for conversions and purchases on the platform.

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