As the vital field in the new generation of information technology, blockchain is a  kind of new decentralized economic organization based on series of technologies. It originated from the Bitcoin system in 2009 and became the hotpot of global economy in 2017. In the past years, blockchain has become the focus more frequently mentioned with some hot topics such as financial technology, and it’s also regarded as the important infrastructure for the next generation of Internet. Since 2018, the blockchain industry has been rapidly developed due to the involvement of massive capital and personnel. The exploration of some cryptocurrency directions such as digital currency, industrial blockchain and DeFi have brought a new perspective and space for the development of blockchain industry.

From the perspective of short term, these applications have emerged to result in waves of pushing momentum for the development of blockchain. However, in the long run, they are only the waves of self-improvement in the blockchain industry. Although they seemed very dazzling then, the huge wave of entire blockchain has not yet arrived.

With the rapid rise of blockchain industry and vigorous advocating of digital assets by the government in 2020, Eunion initiated and established the digital currency trading fund, which aims the investment at the upstream and downstream of the whole industrial blockchain.

With regard to the industrial chain, the upstream includes the underlying technology and infrastructure, such as hardware companies producing basic mining machines and chips as well as the companies, institutions and universities developing basic protocols and underlying platforms. The midstream mainly involves the technology development platforms and services, including smart contracts, BaaS platforms, information security, data services and solutions. The downstream mainly focuses on blockchain applications. The general application and technology expansion layer can provide clearer research direction for blockchain products based on some advanced technologies such as blockchain distributed technology, cryptography technology, consensus algorithm technology and smart contract technology.

Eunion trading fund will fully make use of its own rich resources in the industry, especially the cooperation with some exchanges, and actively participate in the early stage of blockchain projects to provide comprehensive guidances and open its own platform to all partners for the sake of rapid development of the project. We believe that the blockchain will have broader values after being integrated with the Internet. When all Internet users have become blockchain users, or when there is no strict distinction between the both groups, the blockchain will be regarded as being mature in a true sense.

Eunion trading fund will play an important role in the process of blockchain becoming a better standard protocol for value transmission on the Internet, so as to lead the industrial directions and create investment opportunities for more blockchain investors and digital asset enthusiasts.

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